Owners at Durango community yoga center


Yogadurango offers Massage at the Main Ave. studio (1140-A Main Ave.) Read below to get more information and to schedule a massage with one of our therapists.

Jade Robinette Bio Photo
Jade Robinette Heath is the lead esthetician, energetic bodyworker and owner of OM Bella Spa. She has studied the healing arts and sciences for over 15 years. Living in Durango since 2004 she is a Colorado Licensed Esthetician, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology, Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Herbal Alchemist, Yoga Practitioner with a 200YTT from Yoga Durango.
She blends her knowledge of skincare with herbs, clays, essential oils and gemstones to create personalized results-based Reiki-Facials and Energetic Bodywork Treatments. Her work is designed to empower, nourish, and purify. the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Jade accesses the interconnectedness of the body through mapped meridian lines and chakra systems using gemstone therapy, tuning forks and facial massage to access deep personal healing. Shamanic tools and ancient traditions are utilized to facilitate removing of masks to reveal the true beauty within. Jade strives to serve each client with a truly unique, uplifting and results based experience designed to effectively relax the body, empower the spirit and cultivate beauty.

Contact Jade for questions or to schedule an appointment~ (970) 946-2216.

Stephanie Bio Photo
Stephanie Athena Marie, originally from North Carolina, received her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sport Science and followed university with her massage education at Natural Touch School. Stephanie has been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in North Carolina, South Carolina and now Colorado, with over 8 years of hands on experience. Stephanie addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person intuitively through her massage sessions. She completed Reiki Master Certification and has since accessed her own form of intuitive healing. Stephanie's sessions can be devoted wholly to the physical body through a customized massage, or can focus on the non-physical body through an intuitive healing session. (Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Customized massage available)

60 minute customized massage- $70
90 minute customized massage- $100
120 minute customized massage- $130

90 minute Intuitive Healing session- $150
The Intuitive Healing session is a combination of energetic healing, psychic reading and massage therapy when needed (recording of session included).

‘My personal intention for every session is that each individual be met where they are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in order to provide the most compassionate and honest space for self awareness and transformation on all levels. If you have any questions before scheduling, please contact me and I would be delighted to speak with you.’

Contact Stephanie for questions or to schedule an appointment~ (303) 483-3815 / spirithawk777@gmail.com