Workshops at Durango community yoga center

Yoga Retreats

Friday - Sunday, March 3-5 2017; Healing Paths of Practice
A Winter Yoga Retreat in Santa Fe, NM with Michele Lawrence & Jessica Patterson

Come explore ways to build healing practices into various aspects of your life and how to broaden the definition of what “healing” and “practice” mean. Be enriched by coming together in community, by taking time to be quiet, and by listening to or participating in song and music. In times of suffering, it’s helpful to remember that there are ways to approach things that can nurture the heart and provide wisdom.

Location + Cost
Sunrise Springs Resort, Santa Fe, NM
$250 earlybird by Feb 22; $275 after Feb 23
Price includes yoga retreat and meals on Saturday. Guests can enjoy dinner Friday and brunch Sunday on their own in Santa Fe or at the restaurants on site. Lodging is not included; prices start at $79 per person per night for double occupancy.

Check in is after 3pm on March 3. Check out is 11am on March 5. 
Friday, March 3, 5-7pm — Yoga class: Community as Healer 
Dinner follows 
Saturday, March 4, 7:30-9:30am — Yoga class: Silence as Healer 
Breakfast & lunch with plenty of downtime 
Saturday, March 4, 3:30-5:30pm — Yoga class: Sound as Healer 
Dinner follows 
Sunday, March 5; 8-10am — Yoga class: Transforming Suffering into Nurturance 
Brunch & depart

Register 970.946.8961

Bhutan Yoga Tour
A lively an authentic cultural immersion w/Sheryl McGourty
August 1-11th 2017
Experience Bhutan~Culture, Nature & Spirit!

Prepare yourself for something entirely different from what you may have seen in Asia, or elsewhere. Located high in the Himalayan mountains between India and Tibet, Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures it’s progress by Gross National Happiness!  On this 11-day journey through mystical mountains, sacred temples and this richly preserved culture, we will explore Bhutan alongside the local people, discovering their unique perspectives and enjoying the light of their inspiring spirits! 

“When I think of Bhutan I remember bursts of color against the soothing serenity of Buddhist chants; I remember the stories that make their culture so everlasting; I remember the graciousness, kindness and beauty of the Bhutanese; and I remember the quiet joy I felt just being there. I know I’ll be back.”

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