Like most yoga studios, all of our class packages expire after a set period of time. It is much like receiving a coupon in the mail and knowing there is a time frame in which to use it. Class packages offer a substantial discount over paying the drop in rate for classes. When purchasing a package, you are a making a commitment to yourself. Incentive, encouragement and accountability are part of that commitment.

* Senior pricing applies to individuals 60 years or older.

* Yogadurango appreciates and benefits from cash, check, and in-studio payments.  For now, we have decided not to pass on credit card fees to our customers.  We recognize the convenience of making purchases online, this is and will be the way of the world and if it is easy for you to make that old school payment, we welcome that.

* Our studio space is available to rent on an hourly basis for classes and events. Please contact us for rates and more information.


Consider investing in us by making a donation to our studio, we are deeply invested in you. We are proud to have served the Durango local community and economy by maintaining our small business since 2006 and have donated thousands toward community services, families and non-profits. If we have touched you in some way, consider paying something forward to your local, women-owned small business, we guarantee to keep up the work and always pay it forward into the community.